One of the most frequent faults to be found in a system is overpressure - which is where the economizer comes in to resolve problems caused by this factor. When a system is without an economizer, if the liquid/gas contained in the tank exceeds the pre-set pressure level, even by just a small amount, the system eliminates the surplus. Just a few degrees' increase in atmospheric temperature can result in a discharge. So, the economizer means greater safety and savings. 


It re-establishes normal pressure values, recovers the surplus and returns the emission back to the normal utilization cycle, thus offering its services of safety and economy to the entire system. Unlike a safety valve, it does not discharge the excess pressure into the atmosphere but, after going through a cooling route, returns it to where it should be. Similar in appearance to the economizer, the pressure reducing valve is the instrument through which all the fluids are conveyed directly for use. The pressures at inlet and at the autlet are, in fact, different. The diaphragm's work section size is fourteen times larger than that of the disk, a proportion which gives a very sensitive, precise and constant flow aperture, and which complies with the pressure level set downstream. Both have a bell housing to our standard design with the option of in line or square couplings.
In diameters of 6.5, 15 and 25 mm., it can be fitted on threaded tubes or funnel couplings. In the 15 mm aperture diameter model only, tongs and fittings for funnel couplings of diameter to choice between 17.2 and 21.3 mm. are offered.

cryogenic bypass

Of a reduced size, these are housed in the instrument block of tanks.
Various versions are offered in the range: three or four-way, with supplementary valve and flange of diameter 40 for the connection to the pressure control valve, with in line or square couplings.
It meets the requirements of differentiated measuring and thus permits control over the fluid contained in the system. It can also be used as a flow rate meter.

three part joints

Support accessories for the cryogenic range make it possible to connect various tubes to each other. Made up of two spherical seal shanks, these are interconnected by a threaded union. The seal is assured by an effective convex-conical connection.

Type: THREE VALVE interaxis 53 mm.
Type: FOUR VALVE interaxis 35 mm. at inlet - 54 mm. at oulet.


Economizer pressure reducing valves

housing stampato OT/58
disk P.T.F.E.
membrane bronzo fosforoso
springs UNI 7900
a scelta: 8-20-25 ATE
6,5 ( 1/4" ) 5/8" gas male
Funnel Ø 12.1
15 ( 1/2" ) 1" gas male
Funnel Ø 17.2
Funnel Ø 23.2
25 ( 1" ) 1" 1/4 gas maschio
Funnel Ø 27.6
ECO/RID 6,5 23 Nm 3/h
ECO/RID 15 50 Nm 3/h
ECO/RID 25 133 Nm 3/h
Operational limits 40 ATE-196°C



housing A479/304
Disk P.T.F.E.
gasket P.T.F.E.
handwheel Drop-forget OT/58
1/4" gas male
1/4" gas female
3/8" gas female
Operational limits 40 ATE ambient


Three part joints

Tupe fitting A582/303
Shank A479/304